Re: embeding SGV with the <object> tag

>now that Amaya offers support for SVG, is it possible, or will it be soon
>possible to include an SVG file in an HTML document using the <object> tag,
>e.g. like this:
><object type="text/svg" data="URLOfSomeSVGFile">
>  <img src="URLOfSameGraphicsInGifFormat">

We have been testing this for some time.

Our SVG pages ( ) contain exactly
such a declaration. Curiously, we find with common browsers
that one  <object> is fine,  but two often breaks them.

For a more in depth analysis of the issues
see )

The one  browser not evaluated in the above was  Amaya,  because
it did not offer either plugin or  Java support. 

So the outcome of the above would be interesting.

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Received on Wednesday, 14 March 2001 12:50:02 UTC