ARIA Accessibility Question.

Essentially, I have a 3rd party-library table with a scrollbar and a column that needs sorting. I am implementing the ARIA roles in "componentDidUpdate/Mount and onFocus on table (in REACT code)". Essentially, when these events are raised I set the role=row on the table rows that are there in the DOM. I need to do this onFocus, as otherwise rows that are scrolled do not have the role on them.
The issue I am facing is that anytime I re-render the DOM via Sorting a column, or clicking a value on the column, the Narrator is really getting the ARIA labels messed up. It would read the first few columns and then say "No item in view". Similarly, it jumps at different places in the table, when I press Caps + arrow, instead of going to the right sequential elements. 
I have looked at the DOM code and all the values are getting stamped there fine. I am not sure what is going wrong and why the table is getting randomized on re-rendering. If someone can please guide me to what is going wrong, or even how can I debug this, that will be really helpful.

Received on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 13:59:30 UTC