Re: ARIA Accessibility Question.

Maybe this doesn't apply here but if you have focus on a container and 
change the DOM structure within that container, I know some screen 
readers, JAWS in particular, need a blur and then refocus to properly 
notice the update. Back in the day when Ajax was a thing I often would 
be updating a focused DIV with new content and had to do the blur/focus 
trick on the container to get a correct read of the change. At least 
it's something to try if you haven't already.


On 1/18/16 8:14 PM, Irum Godil wrote:
> Hi,
> Essentially, I have a 3rd party-library table with a scrollbar and a 
> column that needs sorting. I am implementing the ARIA roles in 
> "componentDidUpdate/Mount and onFocus on table (in REACT code)". 
> Essentially, when these events are raised I set the role=row on the 
> table rows that are there in the DOM. I need to do this onFocus, as 
> otherwise rows that are scrolled do not have the role on them.
> The issue I am facing is that anytime I re-render the DOM via Sorting 
> a column, or clicking a value on the column, the Narrator is really 
> getting the ARIA labels messed up. It would read the first few columns 
> and then say "No item in view". Similarly, it jumps at different 
> places in the table, when I press Caps + arrow, instead of going to 
> the right sequential elements.
> I have looked at the DOM code and all the values are getting stamped 
> there fine. I am not sure what is going wrong and why the table is 
> getting randomized on re-rendering. If someone can please guide me to 
> what is going wrong, or even how can I debug this, that will be really 
> helpful.
> thanks.


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