RE: role mapping rules when context is broken

The same concept is necessary for the roles Option, Menuitem, Menuitemcheckbox, Menuitemradio, and treeitem, all of which require parent roles that match the widget type.


This could even apply to the roles Radio and Tab if it’s a hardline requirement that both have requisite parent roles such as Radiogroup and Tablist.



From: Alexander Surkov [] 
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2015 11:09 AM
Subject: role mapping rules when context is broken


Hi. I don't see whether UAIG addresses the case when role was used in a wrong context [1], for example, if parent of role="gridcell" is not role="row". In this case IAccessibleTableCell interface is not applicable for this gridcell accessible, so should the accessible have GRIDCELL role and should the element be accessible at all?

"Including elements in the tree" section [2] requires to include elements whoes semantcis answers to the context, but the opposite case seems to be not addressed in the spec.





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