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We too. Complex controls not covered by Aria 1.0 need that. Also e.g. complex data tables with special cell column row hierarchies, types and filter functions.

Business apps in web environments have special needs for describing certain functionality generally not present in simple web pages.

It is no wonder that this is not observed frequently since the amount of those pages is still not huge.

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As for actual usage: I have mostly seen aria-describedby used in examples to show what it does, but not really in actual accessible web apps much. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist at all, just that I haven't come across it much in my day to day usage.

Google web apps and sites (for example) and other apps make heavy use of aria-describedby.<> has 100's of instances

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Back in the MSAA days, we found that some apps were putting odd things in accDescription, and that a lot of AT didnít use it.

 i believe that MSAA is still uitilsed to get access to accdescription no?



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