Re: [aapi] RE: describedby pointing to display:none element (action 1104)

On 9 January 2015 at 15:43, Marco Zehe <> wrote:

> As for actual usage: I have mostly seen aria-describedby used in examples
> to show what it does, but not really in actual accessible web apps much.
> That doesn't mean it doesn't exist at all, just that I haven't come across
> it much in my day to day usage.

Google web apps and sites (for example) and other apps make heavy use of
aria-describedby. has 100's of instances

Cynthia wrote:

Back in the MSAA days, we found that some apps were putting odd things in
> accDescription, and that a lot of AT didn’t use it.

 i believe that MSAA is still uitilsed to get access to accdescription no?



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