Re: Effect of role=presentation on img elements with svg

Somewhat of a tangent, but may have some relevance.

On 02/03/2014 01:24 PM,  James Craig wrote:
> In the case of accessible SVG images on OS X, the image has a rendered 
> subtree, and the current version of AXImage (the AX API mapping) does 
> not support descendant contents, so it’s mapped, on that platform, to 
> AXGroup (a platform-specific role that is not the same as the ARIA 
> “group” role).

The ARIA img role is a container:  " A container for a collection of 
elements that form an image." (

Both the IA2 GRAPHIC role and the ATK/AT-SPI  IMAGE role can have 
accessible children.

  Given this construct:

<div role='img' ...> ... </div>,

FF creates an a11y sub-tree with the image accessible as the root, and 
with accessible descendants depending on what's inside the <div>.  FF 
could (maybe already does) map the svg <image> element the same way.


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