Re: Effect of role=presentation on img elements with svg

I am simply saying that we do not have an implementation guide for SVG -
yet. Nothing more. We don't have a spec. that anyone has committed to or is
publicly viewable. When we kick off the implementation guide work we will
know more.

That said, what I have written in the SVG2 specification for native host
language semantics is consistent with a role of image for an SVG image:

Most of the other elements, when the situation is right, will default to a
role of group unless no accessibility when there is enough
content/attributes that would warrant producing a group role. I am looking
at expanding on the group role determination to include other ARIA global
attribute references. We do not want to create an accessible object for
every SVG element unless it is warranted - as SVG elements are expensive
and it adds bloat.

I have been synching up vocabulary/mappings with Steve Faulkner in HTML.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date: 02/03/2014 01:24 PM
Subject: Re: Effect of role=presentation on img elements with svg

On Feb 2, 2014, at 8:22 AM, Leif Halvard Silli
<> wrote:

> The claim, at that page, is that the <img> defaults to img role.
> However, it actually is given group role [in Safari on OS X].

On Feb 2, 2014, at 12:01 PM, Richard Schwerdtfeger <>

> While I understand what Apple has implemented (defaults to a group role)
we have not decided on a normative mapping for SVG across browsers.

Leif and Rich, your assumptions are incorrect about how these roles are
treated and what is mapped.

I think you’re conflating the platform role mapping with the ARIA mapping.
The computed ARIA role for <img> is “img” regardless if it is an SVG or
raster image. The internal WebKit mapping for <img> is “ImageRole”, again
regardless of the type. However, the is output differently to different
platforms. In the case of accessible SVG images on OS X, the image has a
rendered subtree, and the current version of AXImage (the AX API mapping)
does not support descendant contents, so it’s mapped, on that platform, to
AXGroup (a platform-specific role that is not the same as the ARIA “group”

The content is rendered and the subtree is not hidden, so it should be
accessible to all.


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