Re: @aria-describedat at-risk in ARIA 1.1 heartbeat draft

"Long" descriptions (i.e. @longdesc in the case of HTML images, or
@aria:describedAt for any markup fragment) are indeed valuable to
users who are neither blind nor visually-impaired, and who do not
necessarily make use of Assistive Technology (e.g. screen readers,
refreshable hardware braille displays) to access web / ebook

For example: people with socio-cognitive disabilities who have
difficulties interpreting certain graphical metaphors. I can also see
this mechanism being used by deaf users to view additional descriptive
sign language videos, that would otherwise not be directly embedded
within the main content flow. Again, no specialised accessibility
interface, just the regular User Interface affordances exposed by
mainstream web-browser (such as the context menu on desktop

Regards, Daniel

Received on Tuesday, 9 December 2014 21:20:44 UTC