[aapi] Action 1200 different approach?

I'm working on a table for action 1200, but the farther into it I get, the more I think we shouldn't have a separate table.  The approach we used for combobox, of adding a line in the main mapping table, seems much better.

On checkbox, for example, we already imply that it is checkable, at least for UIA.  It is mapped as a checkbox control type, which has a required toggle pattern.   We could just add a note to make that explicit.

So add something like this to the role mapping table for each of these roles.

Checkbox, radio, menuitemcheckbox, menuitemradio
UIA Express/UIA: if the aria-checked value is not "true" and is not "mixed" set Toggle.ToggleState to 0 (Off).
IA2: (already has) Expose object attribute checkable:true
ATK/AT-SPI: (already has) object attribute checkable:true
(I'm not sure what the right way is to handle Mac)

I think setting undefined number values to 0 is reasonable.

What do you think?

Received on Monday, 17 June 2013 20:38:31 UTC