Re: [aapi] Action 1200 different approach?


How about the following compromise?

The original intent was to clarify the mapping table at the bottom of 
the "Author Errors" section 
Clarification was to be handled by adding columns for each of the AAPIs.

With that mind, the compromise is to do as you suggest, namely, add 
material to the role mapping table.  But, in addition, add links from 
the table in the "Author Errors" section to point to the relevant rows 
in the role mapping table.

To be more explicit, using checkbox as an example, in the "Author 
Errors" section  under the column labelled "Default value", instead of 
"undefined", change to "See checkbox in role mapping table", where that 
is a link that takes the reader right to the checkbox row of that 
table.  That row, in turn, has the text you suggest.


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