Re: ARIA: object attributes inheritance


Does anybody knows what happened to sub document handling section:
I don't see anything similar in the current version.

Thank you.

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 1:42 PM, Alexander Surkov
<> wrote:
> Hi, Rich.
> What happened to subdocument handling section:
> Are ARIA attributes still propagated from iframe to subdocument?
> Old text was:
> Computing IAccessible2 or ATK object attributes on any node in a sub-document:
> For container-live, container-atomic, container-relevant, and
> container-busy, contained documents override frame elements from
> within the same document, because the contained document subtree is
> the more relevant context. However, frame elements override contained
> documents, because the frame element author may be different and may
> wish to define the context for a live iframe. For example, in a mashup
> scenario, it is usually the nearest parent container with aria-live,
> aria-atomic, aria-relevant, and aria-busy (state) that decides what
> object attribute appears on the child for container-live,
> container-atomic, container-relevant, and container-busy. in the case
> of a subdocument, the iframe aria-live, aria-atomic, aria-relevant,
> and aria-busy (state) overrides. This allows the author of the root
> document to control what gets spoken. They might include an otherwise
> polite chat program in an iframe and make it assertive.
> Therefore:
>     Walk the entire parent chain including that from frame elements,
> collecting the properties from aria-live, aria-atomic, aria-relevant,
> and aria-busy into the corresponding container- object attribute
>     If a node sets a given object attribute, set a state that does not
> allow that value to change that object attribute again within the
> document
>     When entering a parent document, refresh the state to again allow
> override of each of these object properties
> Computing other properties for an accessibility node for contained documents:
>     For user-controlled properties (aria-selected, aria-valuenow,
> aria-valuetext, aria-activedescendant), use the WAI-ARIA markup on the
> root WAI-ARIA node only.
>     The WAI-ARIA properties on the accessibility node for frame
> element take precedence, on a property-by-property basis
>     If the accessibility node for frame element does not set a
> property, the root WAI-ARIA node for the contained document is used
>     Relations are not concatenated. If the accessibility node for
> frame element sets a relation, that is used instead of anything set on
> the contained document's root WAI-ARIA node.

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