[aapi] Oct 23 agenda for HTML to AAPI mapping

October 23 agenda for HTML to AAPI mapping

*         1) progress on removing MSAA-only column
2) Action Item review
*         3) New business
In order to avoid conflicts with the ARIA to AAPI mapping meeting, we'll be using a new IRC channel #html-aapi.
Here are the conference details.

UTC Tuesday 19:00
Seattle/PDT Tuesday noon
London/GMT Tuesday 8:00PM
Auckland/NZST Wednesday 7:00 AM
Boston/EDT Tuesday 3:00 PM

Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference  code 2274 ("AAPI")

IRC access: The server is irc.w3.org. The port number is 6665 (note this is not the normal default) and the channel is #html-aapi
The w3c web IRC client can be found at

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