Re: tooltip role

James Craig wrote:
>> If it's of interest, both tooltips are also spoken by VoiceOver on an iPhone 4 running iOS 6.0. 
> Michael, as far as CR exit criteria is concerned, does this count as one implementation or two? This is one rendering engine (WebKit) but it's serving the data to two different APIs (AX API on Mac and UIAccessibility on iOS).
My understanding of how we've framed our CR exit criteria is that it is
preferred to have two separate rendering engines pass a test. However,
we expect there will be cases where one engine exposes to different
AAPIs and that would still count as two implementation stacks. It's a
weaker definition of "two" though so we should try hard to get the fully
separate stacks. The Director may quiz us more if we rely too much on
single engines using different AAPIs, but we may have to live with some
instances of that.


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