Re: Specifying longdesc to make it more useful, robust, and encourage better user agent implementation

On 14/03/2011 17:12, Laura Carlson wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> On March 10, 2011, Steve wrote [1]:
>> If longdesc is included in HTML5 but fails to be specced/implemented
>> to be useful and robust then it will be a failure.
> On March 13, 2011, Paul wrote [2]:
>> At the March 3 A11Y TF meeting I encouraged TF participants to
>> work with WG members that were originally on the prevailing
>> side of ISSUE-30 to see if it might be possible to get consensus
>> within the WG even before May.  The Chairs will certainly NOT
>> stand in opposition to a clear sense of consensus on any issue
>> at any time.
> I have been thinking about what Steve and Paul said.
> So how could longdesc be specified to make it more useful and more
> robust and encourage more implementation?

FWIW, before *any* further solution is engineered @longdesc should be
conforming and valid and a first class citizen in HTML 5.

My 2 cents


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