MOLinsight: web portal enables blind students to process molecular structures

just learned about MOLinsight from @KevinChao89 on twitter -- anyone
use this toolkit or been searching for something similar?


The MOLinsight web portal is a gateway to open-source software as 
well as software freely accessibleto students that can be integrated 
in strategies for blind users to process chemical structures. Here 
you can find documentation for available programs  and a guide to 
decide about the tools for specific tasks.

A new version of Navmol is being built. If you are interested in 
contributing to the project as a beta tester please contact us 
using the email

The new version is developed in Java using the FreeTTS speech 
synthesizer. It is also possible to use Navmol with a screen 
reader software by installing the Java Access Bridge. This feature 
has been tested on Windows 7 and Vista with JAWS.

List of features currently implemented on the new version:

* Geometry-base browsing of the molecule using the arrow keys.

* Bookmarks - allow the user to mark important points on the molecule.

* Jump to any atom by giving the number.

* Current atom information:
       a) bonded neighbours, with type of bonds and directions (using 
the clock coordinates).
       b) implicit hydrogens.
       c) charge.
       d) aromaticity.

* Molecule information:
       a) Number of atoms (excluding implicit hydrogens).
       b) Formula.
       c) Number and location of rings.
       d) List, with location, of functional groups (alcohol, ketone, 
aldehyde, amide, ester, and many others).

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