Re: html5 aria mapping

  On 30/09/10 2:17 PM, David Bolter wrote:
>  On 30/09/10 12:18 PM, Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:
>> I think it means something like: where no ARIA attributes have been 
>> given in the markup, and there's just "raw" html5, then here are the 
>> default ARIA semantics for each of those elements.  For example, an 
>> <a> would have an implicit ARIA role of "link".
> Right "implicit" is the key here. I hope nobody assumes any browser 
> will actually automatically modify the DOM to include ARIA semantics.

That's not the intent of the document/tables.  That is, it is only (1) 
saying what UA 's are to do with aria-less elements when publishing 
information to the a11y API, and (2) restricting authors in terms of 
their use of ARIA.  It does not direct UA's to add aria roles, states, 
and properties to the DOM where none have been given.

I suspect UA's are already doing the element -> a11y mapping already, 
carried over from the time before aria.


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