Re: html5 aria mapping

  On 30/09/10 12:18 PM, Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:
> and this did not make it to the list.
> On 30/09/10 10:55 AM, David Bolter wrote:
>> What does the text "User agents are required to implement WAI-ARIA 
>> semantics on all HTML elements" mean? 
> I think it means something like: where no ARIA attributes have been 
> given in the markup, and there's just "raw" html5, then here are the 
> default ARIA semantics for each of those elements.  For example, an 
> <a> would have an implicit ARIA role of "link".

Right "implicit" is the key here. I hope nobody assumes any browser will 
actually automatically modify the DOM to include ARIA semantics.


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