Re: ARIA Grid Example using the DHTML keyboard style guide

Couple of observations with Jaws 11/FF3.5:
1. odd that INS+UP doesn't read the current cell; never had to use 
INS+NUMPAD 5 before and not sure how that would work on a laptop
2. the table headers are announced twice, once as Jaws messages and then 
again, I suppose, as accessible names (different source for sure bc I use 
different voice profiles for each type of announcement)
3. the alert role is announced even when you enter valid values (e.g. 
enter 100 into the car rental field and I hear 'alert' three times); the 
role + the msg for invalid entries works well
4. the live region for the totals causes Jaws to read the table summary, 
"ARIA enabled Tavel Reimbursement Form Example," the contents of the first 
cell of the row, sometimes the table headers for that cell, and then the 
actual new total, which is a little confusing
5. tabbing into the grid works as expected but using the arrow keys to 
navigate the document in the virtual buffer only notes an application 
landmark and then another down arrow, an editable grid role for the next 
element; this might be odd for some users and is not how Jaws treats 
regular HTML form controls, for which it automatically enters application 
mode whether you use TAB or the arrow keys

Overall, though, nice example and very powerfully demonstrates WAI-ARIA 
--> Mike Squillace
IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center



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ARIA Grid Example using the DHTML keyboard  style guide

I have created an new ARIA grid example based on the keystrokes in the AOL 
DHTML style guide.

I plan to add some additional widgets to gridcells to study how the escape 
key should operate when widgets are in grid cells, for example a date 
picker and combo boxes for locations.

I have done some testing with JAWS 11 and Firefox 3.5 since this is the 
combination that seems to work the best with speech.  IE 8 and JAWS 11 
does not speak very much.

It is intersting to note that when navigating to a cell with content, it 
speaks all the labels, but not the contents of the gridcell.  If you use 
INSERT+KEYPAD5 it then speaks the girdcell contents only.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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