Re: Question about animated images and ARIA

Hi Stefan,

Please try to make sure the indeterminate progress bar approach works 
for this case. If it doesn't we have a problem.


On 15/10/09 3:17 AM, Schnabel, Stefan wrote:
> Joseph,
> I'm going to experiment with all three of them using latest Jaws and IE8/FF3.5.
> Thanks for the input.
> - Stefan
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> It could either be an alert [1], or a status indicator [2], or a
> progressbar [3], although I have misgivings for alert.
> Alert is an "assertive" live region, and that may not apply to this
> situation.  I can't tell from your description.  Status, a "polite" live
> region, is another possibility.
> Even so, an alert generally appears as a one-time event.  The situation
> you describe has a duration, and should involve "aria-busy" [4].  You
> could use an alert at the end of the loading operation to signal to the
> user that it has completed.
> Progressbar, another "polite" live region that supports "aria-busy", is
> the best choice:
> - "An element that displays the progress status for tasks that take a
> long time."
> - "If the progressbar is describing the loading progress of a particular
> region of a page, ... set the aria-busy attribute to true on the region
> until it is finished loading."
> Also, a progressbar can be indeterminate, and that seems to apply
> here.   Visually, indeterminate progressbars can be rendered in any
> number of ways including a bar with an animated stripe ("barber pole"),
> a spinning beach ball, a watch, an hour glass, and so on.  That sounds
> like what you describe, i.e., "an animated gif".
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

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