[aapi] exposing tricky ARIA roles

Hi all,

The UIA TF is currently looking at our role mappings from ARIA to the 
various desktop accessibility APIs. This email is primarily about what 
to do on Windows with ARIA roles that have no obvious desktop role. For 
example, consider role="banner".

We could do one of more of the following:
1. In response to MSAA get_accRole, when there is no good mapping, the 
aria role could be returned as a string in the out parameter. (out->vt = 
VT_BSTR and out->bstrVal == theRoleAsString). This is considered MSAA 
non-conformant but has been a handy trick.
2. In response to MSAA get_accDescription we could return "banner" (and 
ignore any aria_describedby or title attribute?).
3. Expose the role as an IAccessible2 object attribute
4. UIA: ?


On Linux/ATK: expose as an ATKAttribute.
On Mac: Mac has a notion of a role description. So for banner, the role 
could be "AXGroup" and the AXRoleDescription could be "banner"?


Received on Thursday, 15 October 2009 14:42:22 UTC