Re: [aapi] Minutes from today's meeting

The minutes are now public. Michael

Andi Snow-Weaver wrote:
> Allegedly the minutes are here:
> When I try to access them, I get "Insufficient Access Privileges".
> Here's a text version from my IRC log:
> Attendees: Andi Snow-Weaver, Cynthia Shelley, Michael Bolter, Janina Sajka
> Scribe: Andi
> Section 3.6
> Make glossary definitions for "current node" and "current total text"
> CS: useful to understand what wins in each of these situations, examples
> CS: add more examples like the one in d, multiple labeling, is it
> invalid to have an image that has an "alt" and a "labeledby"?
> CS: link with bunch of stuff inside, what bubbles up to the name
> CS: what happens with invalid markup; i.e. tables inside links
> CS: steps probably contain the answers but may need a table
> bug - Cynthia - P2 - come up with examples for this section
> bug - Cynthia - P2 - flow chart for 3.6.1
> note that above flow chart and examples are for section
> - 3rd para - change SHOULD to MUST
> - Reword last paragraph, specify what to do if any of the
> attributes are present. Use "empty string" instead of "". Change
> SHOULD to MUST. Qualify return NULL IF API supports it.
> bug - do we want a section on what to do if the API doesn't support
> something
> assign last bug to cyns
> Andi


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