[aria] example of aria-owns in section "Example: building a tree widget"

There is an example of aria-owns usage In the section "Example: building a
tree widget" (http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/aria/#Exampletree):

<div role="treeitem" aria-owns="yellowtreegroup">Yellow<div>

<div id="yellowtreegroup" role="group">
  <div role="treeitem">Bell peppers</div>
  <div role="treeitem">Squash</div>

which is described as " In the following example, the aria-owns property
indicates that the item with id "yellowtreegroup" should be considered a
child of the div element with the property, even though it is not a child in
the DOM.".

It sounds aria-owns attribute should be placed on "yellowtreegroup" element
instead of external treeitem element. So that this example should be
corrected by the following way

<div role="treeitem" id="external_treeitem">Yellow<div>

<div id="yellowtreegroup" role="group" aria-owns="external_treeitem">
  <div role="treeitem">Bell peppers</div>
  <div role="treeitem">Squash</div>

Do I understand right?

Alex Surkov.

Received on Monday, 26 January 2009 08:37:37 UTC