HTML5: The Markup Language (new doc for review)

aloha, all!

in response to a request by the TAG, the HTML WG tasked ex-co-chair 
mike smith to draft a version of the spec that is SOLELY devoted to 
defining HTML5 as a declarative markup language -- the draft can be 
found at:

as for its relationship to the HTML5 spec submitted to the W3C by the 
WHAT WG, that is still a matter of debate, as is whether the document
should be normative or informative (a Note or a Rec)

i have added a link to the editor's draft of the new document to the
main HTML5 issues and requirements gathering page on the XTech wiki:

specifically in the section located at (obscenely long URI warning):

which is intended as a means of keeping participants aware of 
HTML WG activities and deliverables development...

the nature and the purpose of this new document is still under 
discussion in the HTML WG, but i personally perceive it as a chance
to produce what the HTML WG should be producing: a declarative 
markup language evolved from HTML 4.01, but whether that will be the
case, is a matter of debate...

i think that anyone interested in HTML5 accessibility should check out
this new draft -- it may be in everyone's best interest if a draft 
that outlines HTML5 as a declarative language, without the extra 
baggage added to HTML 4.01 by the WHAT WG, is fostered, supported 
and nurtured...

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