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At 22:17 21/01/2009, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
>this thread is a convincing argument for a third textual element
>marker to compliment INS and DEL -- namely: MOD (short for modify)
>for my proposal to the XHTML2 WG on introducing a third flow marker
>into XHTML2 (and HTML5) can be found at:
>INS, DEL, and MOD (marking changes/revisions)

I'm glad to see this old idea revived.
(See for example Jukka Korpela's critical review of the July 1997
HTML 4.0 draft at
In the past, I've also argued for an attribute for these elements
where you could put the author's or editor's name (but others
argued that this should be handled with RDF) and for a mechanism
to link insertions and deletions, somewhat similar to the
label-input input relationship. The latter would support Michael's
edits where the insertions are a few lines below the deletions.

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