Separate Draft of Canvas API Uploaded to CVS

Hi, Folks-

There was quite a lot of talk about splitting out Canvas from the rest 
of HTML 5, but there seemed to be a roadblock in actually getting this 
effort started.  I took the initiative to create a draft [1] of the 
Canvas 2D API that is split out from HTML5, and just concentrates on the 
API, rather than the <canvas> element.  The <canvas> element itself 
would need to remain in the HTML5 spec, and would simply reference this 
spec for the drawing interface.

There is a chance that currently Canvas could be a blocker on progress 
for the HTML5 spec, and at this point, Canvas is so widely implemented 
that I don't think it's at risk, so I hope this isn't disruptive.  I am 
available to help with any editing that needs doing, but I hope that 
others will also work with this draft, and step into the editor role.

I took the opportunity to make it a little more generic (i.e., not 
HTML-specific), so that SVG could also include the Canvas API (for 
example, to be used on <image> elements in SVG); I also put in a 
placeholder for accessibility, pending further discussions.

I don't think I made any horrible errors in my small changes, but I'm 
also not completely confident in them.  This is very much a work in 
progress, and I welcome any corrections or feedback.  A short summary of 
changes and to-dos is in the spec [2].


-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Received on Monday, 17 August 2009 17:49:35 UTC