Re: Begin discussions for pushing Last Call into 2010

Shelley Powers wrote:
>>>> Issue-74/Action-133 canvas-accessibility
>>>> This item is not due this week, but I'm choosing to flag it at this 
>>>> time as it as a target date of 2009-12-17 which would preclude us 
>>>> for going to Last Call this year.  I'd like to put out a call for 
>>>> volunteers: if there is anybody out there with an interest and 
>>>> ability to help pull this date in, I would like to ask that they 
>>>> step forward.


> Well, then, since the date on the action item for Canvas accessibility 
> is past last call date, we should begin the discussion about pushing 
> Last Call into 2010.

Per my original message: I would first like to see if there is any way 
we can pull the date in.  If we can not, I will agree that what you are 
describing is the obvious consequence.

Any notion that either the HTML WG or the WHATWG view this as "not our 
problem" is rather short-sighted.  I am specifically asking that anybody 
from either the WHATWG or HTML WG who has an interest in making last 
call be this year and may be able to contribute to discussions on making 
canvas be more accessible either attend tomorrow's call or at the very 
least be on the #html-wg IRC channel at that time.

And, yes, I am intentionally cross-posting this request.

> Shelley

- Sam Ruby

Received on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 17:12:29 UTC