RE: [aapi] meeting agenda for Aug 7, 2009

Andi is out this week too.  Perhaps we should cancel the meeting?

Is anyone (other than myself) planning to attend this week?

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My regrets for tomorrow -- my holiday schedule is still getting in the
way of meetings -- but I'm back Monday.


On 8/6/09 6:08 PM, Cynthia Shelly wrote:
> We'll be on zakim and irc using code aapi at 15:00 UTC on Friday July 17.
> Agenda
> 15 minutes:  check progress on bugs, assign new ones
> The next 3 weeks are dedicated to making progress on HTML mapping  Tomorrow's discussion will be about how to approach this problem, and beginning to analyze the overlaps between browsers.  I'm also looking for volunteers to help document the Mac browsers, as I have not been able to get this done.

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