Re: conformance checker for HTML+ARIA?

Okay, as you say, we can just call it something else.  We can call it 
HT-A11Y or ARIA-HT if we want. I guess that would be a start. 

That said, it would be better if we could deal with bug fixes directly in 
HTML necessary for accessibility, without waiting many years for HTML 5.

HTML needs to allow equal keyboard and mouse interaction otherwise it 
violates some WAI specs. Shouldn't HTML's violations of WAI specs be 
considered bugs and fixed right away so that users with disabilities don't 
have to suffer over W3C's own issues?

I don't mean to be pedantic -- just trying to do the right thing here.

- Aaron

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Re: conformance checker for HTML+ARIA?

Aaron M Leventhal wrote:
> > Aaron M Leventhal wrote:
> > > W3C can use a multi-pronged solution:
> > > 1. Short term: create new DTD and ask W3C to host it. It can be
> > > considered "beta" for now.  It needs to include HTML 4 + tabindex
> > > changes (allow negative numbers and on any element) + WAI-ARIA.
> > The prose of HTML 4.01 is explicit as to the values allowed. A DTD
> > claiming to be HTML 4.01 should not add laxness to allow additional
> > non-conforming values to be valid.
> Well, all the major browsers support this now, and it's part of HTML 5.
> From a practical point of view we need it for accessibility. What's
> your counter-proposal in order to allow authors with validation
> requirements to be able to use ARIA?
To not claim to be writing HTML 4.

David Dorward

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