Re: conformance checker for HTML+ARIA?

Steven Faulkner wrote:
> Can we build ARIA checking into the W3C validator so that ARIA
> conformance can be checked seemlessly with HTML whatever the version?
That wouldn't really make sense. It would be more logical to create an
HTML 4 + ARIA DTD and validate against that.

> People seem to want a form of checking  provided by the W3C that will
> tell them (for example) that their HTML code is valid and their ARIA
> code is valid.
If it has ARIA in it, then their HTML (by any current W3C recommendation
that I know of) isn't valid. You can't fix this problem at the tool
level, you need to address it at the standards level.

(Please address responses to the validator mailing list, and not
directly to me, thanks).

David Dorward

Received on Tuesday, 30 September 2008 08:45:34 UTC