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Credit where credit is due. James Graham wrote the table inspector and  
the words below, not I. According to the previous message headers,  
they appear to be attributed to me. Nice work James et al, from the  
other James in the thread.

James Craig

On Sep 26, 2008, at 1:19 AM, Laura Carlson  
<> wrote:

> Hi James and Gez,
> James wrote:
>>> Apparently this was a case that Simon and Ben discussed for the  
>>> original
>>> smart headers algorithm that got lost along the way somewhere. I've
>>> changed it in the table inspector now so that it is handled  
>>> correctly.
> Gez wrote:
>> That's very impressive. I've just tested it with an example that
>> doesn't use the headers attribute at all [1], and the associations  
>> are
>> all correct. I'd like to test it with a wider range of tables, but  
>> the
>> algorithm satisfies the examples I put forward. If nested headers are
>> allowed in HTML5, I think that algorithm could work very well.
>> [1]
> Thank you James! This is very impressive work. Much appreciated.
> Thanks to you too Gez for all of your testing.
> I have updated the headers attribute Wiki page [1] with the nested
> headers option as a potential solution. I also tried to  make that
> page more NPOV, as Chris suggested in yesterday's teleconference. I
> did leave some of Gregory's counterpoints in the "Why Headers Should
> Not be Allowed to Reference a td or nested th" section, which others
> may what to address. If I missed anything else please add it. James it
> would be wonderful to have your input on that page.
> Again many, many thanks :-)
> [1]
> Best Regards,
> Laura
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> Laura L. Carlson

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