Re: function and impacts (was: @scope and @headers reform)

2008/9/26 Simon Pieters <>:
> # [15:46] <zcorpan_> it doesn't work with
> # [15:56] <zcorpan_>
> is another case where it fails
> It worked correctly for those tables without the newly implemented rule.
> Some observations:
>   * Those two were columns -- Gez had rows.
>   * Those two had the relevant header cells at the top of the table --
>     Gez had data cells to the left of the relevant header cells.
> I guess we need a bigger sample of tables to know what to do for this
> particular case. Could this pattern of cells be detected by a script?

If the direction could be determined reliably, this could be a great
algorithm. I noticed that "Property" wasn't reported as a header in
the last example [1], but I'm sure it was reported properly in earlier
versions of the table inspector.



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