Re: function and impacts

Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
> How are we going to get more editors? They don't grow on trees. It's a 
> good idea in principle, until you start trying to get any editors. All 
> but one spec branched off HTML 5 has dithered away and work has come to 
> a complete stop on. I don't think anyone would like HTML 5 to be as big 
> as it is, but unless the other parts can be actively edited (some of 
> which HTML 5 relies heavily upon), there's nowhere better to put them if 
> we want any spec for them at all, sadly.
> ...

That makes it sound as if the number of editors needs to equal the 
number of documents.

BR, Julian

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 19:30:45 UTC