Re: function and impacts (was: @scope and @headers reform)

Laura Carlson 2008-09-24 01.38:

> James wrote:
>> I trust the direction concerns will be addressed if you continue to
>> raise it for the HTML WG agenda.
> How would the smart headers algorithm work on:

I have tested this table in James's Table Inspector.[1]


[Test A:] The original table: See URL above.
Number of hierarchy attributes used: 44.
In detail: headers: 18; scope: 14; id:  12; @axis: 0;
Header association: This is the facit. [2]

[Test B:] The original table, but with fewer attributes. [3]
Number of hierarchy attributes used: 21.
In detail: headers: 9; scope: 0; id: 3; axis: 9;
Header association: Same as original. [4]

[Test C:] Same table as Test B, but parsed with SMART algorithm.
Table hierarchy attributes used: see Test B.
In detail: see Test B.
Header association: Worse, quite poor. [5]

* The Smart algorithm is able to give the same results as the HTML 
4 algorithm when parsing the original table. However, as Test C 
shows, it fails if using @axis.
* If the Smart algorithm is any better, then it allows us to code 
less. At any rate, I guess that it might be possible to 
incorporate @axis into the Smart algorithm.
* Use of @axis not ony allows us to use fewer attributes, but in 
in addition it "sprites" up the table with cathegory informatino.

leif halvard silli

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