WCAG2 comment 2615

WCAG WG has requested help from PFWG in responding to the following  


I propose aligning with the HTML5 draft by saying that an image be
marked as omissible from non-visual rendering if it illustrates what
the surrounding prose already says.

I propose aligning with the HTML5 draft by saying that if the
generator of markup does not have a text alternative available, it
should use the natural-language expression describing the kind of
content (to the precision known to the generator) as the text
alternative and use a mechanism provided by the host format for
marking the text as not really being a text alternative but an
indication of what kind of non-text content is in question.


discussion and status in WCAG:

I'm opening this thread on XTECH because WCAG works on the public  
record, and
to have a cross-group conversation to explore issues and options.

Formal feedback will be based on consensus among the PFWG  
participants, but
we welcome input by discussion here.


Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 13:09:04 UTC