FYI [participant handbook] getting from mail in your inbox to that same message in the W3C archive by Message-ID

Here's a trick you may wish to use sometime.  There was an  
opportunity for
it to have helped in a recent telecon, but not if I took enough time to
explain it right then.  So I created an action for me to go through this

The W3C mail archives have a way to retrieve messages by message-id.

The syntax is where ... is replaced by the
Message-ID header value from the message in question *without* the  
and trailing angle brackets.

These URLs are given in Archived-At: headers in the mail distributed by
the W3C mailing list manager.

In a message you get from the list, you will find, if you inspect the  
both of the following (data from arbitrary but real example message  

Message-Id: 	<p06240872c4e4b9d5c033@[]>
Archived-At: 	< 

.. and you will find you can retrieve this message from the archives  
by any of

The time when it is good to know the full pattern is when you are  
reading your
personal copy of a mailgram that also got sent to a W3C list and you  
want to
browse the thread using the W3C archive.  Then you need to go to the  
extract the Message-ID value, strip the angle brackets, prepend  
and put that in the address bar of your browser.  If it was cross- 
posted, you will
have to choose which list archive to browse in.  But this will get  
you from a mailgram
in your mailer to the archives, if it ever hit the archives.


Received on Tuesday, 9 September 2008 20:07:18 UTC