Re: Free-ARIA mailing list created

David Poehlman writes:
> I don't have an account, can't see the image or comprehend the audio.
Indeed. Yesterday, I tried for almost an hour to satisfy the audio
captcha Mozilla profers. I eventually gave up. Guess I'm not human!

In my case I was trying to register for an account re My Foxmarks--but I
suspect the problem Dave ran into is similar. Some numbers were
understandable. But others were so distorted it was hard to judge
whether they were intentional distortion or part of the captcha
response. Not knowing even how many chars were expected in the response
made it very hard for me. I went so far as to save the audio and play it
repeatedly in a bash script. Still no joy.

To add insult to injury, the result of failing to answer the captcha
correctly was not another opportunity to get it right. Rather, it was a
zero'd form that had to be filled out from the top all over again. As I
write this, I'm amazed I hung in trying as long as I did.


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> Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 5:27 AM
> Subject: Free-ARIA mailing list created
> This group is for developers and testers who want to help provide free 
> tools and resources for the advancement of WAI-ARIA.
> Some of the free stuff being worked on:
> * JavaScript toolkits
> * Testing tools for authors
> * Testcases
> * Training materials
> * Browsers
> * Assistive technologies
> Feel free to join if you want to be part of the larger community effort.
> - Aaron


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