Re: Tree sample code

Hi James, yes your tree does that.

Cynthia said she feels strongly about degrading gracefully in older UAs. I 
showed the group how to do that for the virtual buffer (just by adding 
role="presentation" the <li> and <img> elements, not using user agent 
strings). My question for Cynthia is whether that's enough. She is leaning 
toward treating the tree as something where the user tabs through each 
item, although the general direction of the style guide group is to make 
it act like a genuine tree. 

My opinion is that it should use role="tree" unless it has the keyboard UI 
of a tree.

- Aaron

James Craig <>
Aaron M Leventhal/Cambridge/IBM@IBMUS
Jon Gunderson <>, Cynthia Shelly 
<>, George Young <>, W3C 
09/08/2008 08:24 PM
Re: Tree sample code

Aaron M Leventhal wrote:

Cynthia, what do you think about having your tree widget have the keyboard 
UI of a tree?

I think the one I created serves that request, doesn't it? If it's missing 
something, please advise.

You could still have it gracefully degrade into nested lists of links in 
screen reader virtual buffers. 

That's a good recommendation to make, but I don't think it's necessary to 
do that amount of browser checking and rewriting for the example code, do 
you? One caveat though. Instead of maintaining a list of user agents that 
support ARIA, maintain a list of old user agents that are known to not 
support ARIA. Assume the best of unknown user agent strings, and serve up 
the full ARIA support.


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