[Control+F10?] was RE: What is the current situation with ARIA and accordion?

First, I think the style guide's accordion definition  should point to 
some of these real examples.

Now about Control+F10 -- I can't understand what the style guide is saying 
and I can't find any accordion example that use that:
If present, posts the button menu in the current accordion tab Label. when 
it has Input Focus.
Posts the accordion tab's menu
Occurs only if focus is on the accordion tab.

Next, I think I have some ideas to make accordion keyboard UIs a little 
more discoverable. I'd like to hear more about Ctrl+F10 first.

- Aaron

"Becky Gibson" <Becky_Gibson@notesdev.ibm.com>
09/06/2008 12:44 AM
RE: What is the current situation with ARIA and accordion?

Dojo's AccordionContainer is not as complex as the example that Earl 
provided and is doesn't have "button menus" within the tabs.  It was 
implemented as a tab container since only one accordion is allowed to be 
open at a time.  Here is an example if people want to test it: 

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