Re: Is longdesc a good solution?

Laura Carlson wrote:
> Hi Lachlan,
>> until we have objective
>> evidence to verify his claims, all we have is speculation and
>> hypotheses; and speculation about usability problems is not a reason to
>> avoid doing a usability study that would verify that.
> - Quantitative research often "forces" responses or people into
> categories that might not "fit" in order to make meaning.
> - Qualitative research, on the other hand, sometimes focuses too
> closely on individual results and fails to make connections to larger
> situations or possible causes of the results.
> Research and data would be interesting to have, but what would it
> prove? 
[snip - more excuses to avoid doing real work]

I've had enough of this.  I tried to put together a solid proposal that 
would help you gather solid, research based evidence of the kind that 
Hixie has been asking for.  Yet, the majority of the responses so far 
have been nothing but bogus excuses for why we shouldn't do it, ranging 
from problems with current UAs (which I tried to eliminate from the 
study), usability problems (which, ironically, the study set out to 
test), questions about what it would prove (even though I clearly 
outlined that already), and now your objections seemingly against the 
scientific method itself.

Well, I give up.  If someone wants to do the study, go ahead.  If not, 
fine.  It's your loss, not mine.

Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

Received on Saturday, 6 September 2008 11:51:59 UTC