Re: @headers issue resolved - allowing a td to be referenced by a header to be in the HTMl5 spec.

It is not a requirement that when colspan or rowspan are used that
scope associations must be colgroup or rowgroup. Those associations
are for convenience when authors use colgroup elements, or any of the
rowgroup elements (thead, tbody, tfoot). The scope attributes on the
test file are correct. The "corrected" markup examples don't work with
screen readers - the incorrect columns are announced the same way as
the "bad" examples.

Your redesigned tables make it far more difficult to compare budgeted,
actual, and forecasted data for a particular date - the primary
purpose of the table. The table I put forward for the bug is one
example of how the user wants to view the table, which underwent
usability studies by our client. Redesigning it so that it's more
difficult to read without any kind of user testing is not an


2008/9/5 Laura Carlson <>:
> Thanks for your work on this Ben.  I am forwarding your message to
> WAI-XTECH for PFWG's input.
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>>> Yes, it does.
>> The follow-up will probably be published around this Friday or the weekend.
> As it turns out, 3am on Friday, UK time:
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