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I'm looking forward to trying it out with VoiceOver.

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Google Chrome, our new Open Source browser released on
strives to innovate and drive development on the web. This certainly extends
to all of our users, and the issue of accessibility is no different.

In the spirit of releasing early and iterating, this version of Chrome has
focused on basic support for keyboard navigation and
as well as a clean user interface that is simple for all users to navigate.
At the same time, we have laid the foundations in place for exposing the
appropriate information through the Windows Accessibility APIs (used by
screen readers, etc.), as well as support for
Users can expect rapid improvements in both of these areas in releases to

Accessibility is important to us, and we have for some time worked on its
implementation. We look forward to releasing this, and making further
improvements for our users.

Jonas Klink
Software Engineer - Accessibility
Google Inc.

On 9/3/08, Joshue O Connor <> wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for the overview of the somewhat limited accessibility features of
> the new browser. I think the under the hood improvements with Chrome are
> very impressive and it is a pity that it is let down by it's current
> inability to work with  screen readers.
> Cheers
> Josh

Jonas Klink
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Google, Inc.
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