Re: ARIA BPG Issue: we should not be decreeing complex keyboard interactions

Hi James;

This suggestion looks to disregards the sighted keyboard only user who
doesn't use AT or uses the AccessX/Easy Access/... keyboard enhancements.


On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 12:12 PM, James Craig <> wrote:

> Other than the most basic navigation controls, I don't agree with a lot of
> the mouse and keyboard interaction specified in the ARIA BPG. Many of the
> complex interactions specified (type ahead, Ctrl+Shift+F10, Ctrl+Spacebar,
> Shift+PageDown, etc.) seem to me to be best left for the AT vendors to
> decide how to implement and use to differentiate themselves.
> This is exactly the reason properties like expanded and activedescendant
> should be expected to be writable by the AT. If a screen reader uses a
> particular key command to controls a widget in a desktop application, it
> should be able to use that same key command to control that type of widget
> in a web application. The interaction models in every screen reader are
> different, and I believe that decreeing browser and AT interaction design
> will stifle innovation.
> James


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