Re: ISSUE-56 Re: Tree sample code

On Sep 2, 2008, at 11:06 AM, Al Gilman wrote:

> We closed ISSUE-56 on 18 August because James Craig was able to
> re-do the tree so that
> a) it uses nesting as you would expect for sub-items
> b) it requires no changes to the spec
> So the center of attention should now be on the example the way James
> coded it.  Comments on how that has been done are still very relevant.

I've updated the examples based on feedback from the ARIA subteam call  
where we discussed it last. They have been tested as working in most  
modern browsers and the ARIA accessibility has been verified with a  
couple different configurations. I have not had a chance to create the  
design pattern for the BPG yet.

ARIA Tree examples.

PS. The functionality is identical, the second one just has a bit more  
markup and CSS for stylistic reasons.

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