[role] Re: Need to discuss: normative spec for exposing ARIA via APIs

On Oct 30, 2008, at 12:41, Aaron M Leventhal wrote:

> Apple and Microsoft will need to lead on how HTML and ARIA are  
> exposed to their APIs, otherwise those efforts won't be very fruitful.

The minutes of the HTML accessibility semantics session are a bit  

Cynthia Shelly from Microsoft took the initiative to create a  
spreadsheet documenting the MSAA+UIA mapping as implemented in IE8.

It was recognized that more information is needed than what fits in a  
spreadsheet cell, but a spreadsheet is a good way map this space on a  
high level, although text written as paragraphs will be necessary as  
well. The spreadsheet, once completed from different sources, would  
have columns for HTML, ARIA, MSAA+IA2, MSAA+UIA, ATK and AX. (I can't  
remember if there was a need for an MSAA column without IA2 or UIA.)

At the meeting, it was recognized that the API for which documentation  
or a volunteer to create the documentation is missing is AX. (There  
was no Apple representative in the meeting and the Opera  
representative was unable to volunteer documentation on the spot.)

Also not written in the minutes is the observation that Novell has  
developed an UIA to ATK bridge, which might offer insight into the  
correspondence of different APIs.

Henri Sivonen

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