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Hi Josh,

> Thanks for that.

You're welcome.

> After a first pass, I think I would agree with much of
> Ians line of thinking.
> I like the idea of the <video> and <audio> elements natively containing
> all of the needed accessibility content (or more correctly multi modal
> content) without the need to it to be bolted on via using other attributes.

As Jim Jewett said [1] , something to keep in mind is that

> In an ideal world, the accessibility features would be in the video.
> In the real world, often they aren't.
> The page creator may not be able to modify the audio or video.
> Sometimes this is a matter of not having the video (embedded 3rd party
> videos) or not having legal authority; sometimes it is just a matter
> of not knowing how.
> By all means encourage authors to put the accessibility information
> within the video.  But there needs to be a fallback for cases where
> that doesn't happen.

John Foliot has talked of a clean, semantic, explicit association to
transcripts, text descriptions, captions, audio descriptions and/or
streams that could be toggled on or off by the end user. I have tried
to capture some of that in the Wiki. [2] He has also provided examples
that hint on some best practices that not only native players and but
HTML 5 as a whole could approach multi-media content.[3]

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Laura L. Carlson

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