Re: [html4all] Fwd: Accessibility of <audio> and <video>

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 12:24:32PM -0500, Laura Carlson wrote:
> As Jim Jewett said [1] , something to keep in mind is that
> > In an ideal world, the accessibility features would be in the video.
> >
> > In the real world, often they aren't.
> >
> > The page creator may not be able to modify the audio or video.
> > Sometimes this is a matter of not having the video (embedded 3rd party
> > videos) or not having legal authority; sometimes it is just a matter
> > of not knowing how.

A more serious concern would be whether the audio/video format supports it,
and if it does, whether client-side software can extract it. This approach
also requires the audio/video file to be retrieved over the network, unless
the textual alternatives are at the start (prior to the audio/video data). The
latter is problematic for those with slow connections or strict band width

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