Re: Mandatory and Important

At 10:05  -0400 22/08/08, David Poehlman wrote:
>not optional, missing.  If it is missing it breaks spec but is still missing
>so tools/authors need to fix it so that it is not missing.  The {} for
>instance was the hack to prevent missing.  I am saying that it should be

But if missing is non-conformant, most sane tool authors will insert 
it to avoid a conformance failure.

Then they insert alt="" (a lie) or alt="random text" (useless).

Look, honestly, I don't want to sound harsh, and I value the 
dialogue, but until someone is actually willing to provide an 
alternative answer to the question -- not duck it, change it, or deny 
the problem exists -- we are just annoying each other.  The spec. at 
least contains *an* answer, and it seems as if the discussion of role 
might converge on another.
David Singer

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