Re: Mandatory and Important

not optional, missing.  If it is missing it breaks spec but is still missing 
so tools/authors need to fix it so that it is not missing.  The {} for 
instance was the hack to prevent missing.  I am saying that it should be 

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At 8:51  -0400 22/08/08, David Poehlman wrote:
>rough as it may seem, alt should be treated as any other attrib.  if it is
>missing, it is missing.

So, you prefer that it be optional.  Most people here disagree, alas.

>  Back to what tools/authors need to do is to avoid
>this as much as possible of they care about accessibility and if they don't
>care about compliance/conformance, it won't matter anyway.

And if they care about conformance and they care about accessibility?
So they write alt="this is an image" so they pass mandatory attribute
testing, but it's useless and conforming?

David Singer

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