Image Annotation on the Semantic Web [Incubator Group Report]

Image Annotation on the Semantic Web
W3C Incubator Group Report 14 August 2007


Document Roadmap 

After reading this document, readers may turn to separate living 
documents discussing individual multimedia annotation vocabularies [1], 
and other relevant tools and resources. [2]  Most of the current 
approaches to image annotation are not based on Semantic Web languages. 
Interoperability between these technologies and RDF and OWL-based 
approaches is not the topic of this document, but interested readers can 
look at the Multimedia Annotation Interoperability Framework document. [3]

Target Audience 

This document is target at everybody with an interest in image 
annotation, ranging from non-professional end-users that are annotating 
their personal digital photos to professionals working with digital 
pictures in image and video banks, audiovisual archives, museums, 
libraries, media production and broadcast industry, etc. 


  * To illustrate the benefits of using semantic technologies in 
    image annotations. 

  * To provide guidelines for applying semantic technologies in 
    this area. 

  * To collect currently used vocabularies for Semantic Web-based 
    image annotation.

  * To provide use cases with examples of Semantic Web-based image 

Discussion of this document is invited on the public mailing list (public archives). Public comments should 
include "[MMSEM-Image]" as subject-prefix. [4]


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